Sandy Johnson

Classic Country

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Sandy’s Latest single:

DREAM ON BABY DREAM ON  is Sandy’s latest single release co-written with Randy Shepherd.  It is a song based on an idea from a Wikipedia post relating the life of Tammy Wynette.  Tammy Wynette was a popular female country singer from the 1970’s.  This story relates to her first husband.  It is rumoured that he didn’t support her desire to become a country western singer by reportedly telling her to “Dream on, Baby”.

Her rise to fame apparently left him with some remorse when he attempted to get her autograph.  It’s reported that she signed her autograph, “Dream On, Baby”.

Truth or Fiction?  It makes for a fun song!  Enjoy.


Listen to the full song on Sandy’s YouTube Channel.

Sandy’s Music:

Click on the images above for additional information about Sandy’s various Musical Projects.

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