Sandy's Music

Hallelujah for Classic County

Engineered & Mixed: John Thiel
Mastered: Mike Poston
Independent Release: 2017

Hallelujah for Classic Country is Sandy’s debut solo album.  Sandy would like to share the following thoughts with you.

“Though it I my image you will find on the cover and my voice you will hear in these recordings, I am simply a conduit for the music.  Hallelujah for Classic Country represents a collaboration of a lifetime of people, places and events.  It is part of my journey through life.  The inkling to follow my musical heritage has been with me for many years.  This album is a result of the confluence of being in the right place at the right time with the right people.”

Musician’s appearing on the recording:  Sandy Johnson, Keith Floen, Bobby Gosse, Julian Kerr, John Lacey, Tamara McKinstry, Mike Peters, Andrzej Ryszka, Randy Shepherd, and John Thiel.

Listen to the whole album on Sandy’s YouTube channel.

Copper Moon

Copper Moon have been active in the Calgary music scene for many years as both musicians and behind the scene volunteers.  Members of the band included: Sandy Johnson (vocals / guitar), Peter May (vocals / guitar / harmonica), Al Nawata (lead guitar), Mel Wilson (bass) and Barry How drums / percussion). 

 A sampling of Copper Moon’s music appear on this self titled album.

Recording, Mixing & Mastering: Doug Leece
Independent Release: 2012

By Request

By Request stared as a simple recording of a few songs for Sandy’s friend Anna Sutherland’s 50th birthday.  The project took on a life of its own, growing out of all proportion. 

Many talented friends participated in crating the overall sound heard on this recording including: Graham Allen, ‘Tess Bassie, Mike Dygert, Don Gowan, Al Hawrys, Mike Macleod, Al Nawata,  Monica Wade, and Barbara Will.

Recording & Mixing: Kevin Madding & Murray Little
Mastering: Richard Harrow 
Independent Release: 2003

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